Immediate relief for anal fissures

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Please suggest me home remedies or any other medicine. So have to wait for that time you have to be patient. The cause of the typical or benign fissure is not clear nor are there accepted methods for the prevention of fissures—both fertile areas for research. In many cases, a fissure can be successfully treated without surgery. Although it can heal itself, there are certain treatments which can help relieve the pain you get from an anal fissure. It is like a small cherry made of blood.

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Try ointment Cremagel, in future if it does not subside you may require surgery, it could be Fissure in Ano.

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A quick guide to managing anal fissures

If the fissure fails to heal within three to six weeks, topical nitrates or topical calcium channel blockers should be used. An anal fissure causes a lot of pain and bleeding during your bowel movements. It also reduces the pain, swelling and itching in the infected areas. Use it repeatedly for better results. Too few studies exist to establish this efficacy. Always try using unfiltered natural Aloe Vera, as it would be more effective and try going for the roots rather than the gel based products available in the market.

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immediate relief for anal fissures

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