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Susan shivered and bit down on her lip again to stop a moan from breaking forth, she strained against the rope but she couldn't break free. End of POV Morning soon came and Susan woke up to see that wasn't next to her but at the desk writing notes. Susan's eyes widened in Awe. Cockroach's eyes widened and a blush crepped across his face. He fixed Susan with a mischievous smile as he bought out a length of rope out of his pocket. She looked over her shoulder to see that the ropes were glowing with the same bright green of the Quantonium flowing through her veins. Susan walked back out wearing a long sleeve dark blue sweater with black pants.

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She pulled back Tears flowing out of her eyes.

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Monsters vs aliens susan porn

She just hoped she hadn't hurt The Doctor too much in the process. Just In All Stories: Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. You have underestimated me my dear and no one underestimated Doctor Cockroach" He said pausing for a moment to fix Susan with a devilish smile whish made her insides feel like jelly. Heat of the night M A night to remember M! She hadn't realised she had been using him like that, tormenting him like that she was ashamed of herself.

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mosters vs aliens susan naked
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mosters vs aliens susan naked
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