Ovine oocytes to assess sperm functionality

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Sperm-oviduct epithelial cell monolayer co-culture: The other possibility for the lower cleavage and subsequent embryo development in OECs and CM groups might be related to the incompatibility of medium used during IVF in support of both gametes and OECs. For each treatment, a relative quantitative fold change was determined using the 2-ddCt method Developmental regulation and in vitro culture effects on expression of DNA repair and cell cycle checkpoint control genes in rhesus monkey oocytes and embryos. Wakayama T, Yanagimachi R. Fertilizing capacity of bovine sperm may be maintained by binding of oviductal epithelial cells.

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Lane M, Gardner DK.

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Although, in an attempt to simulate the oviductal conditions, when the bovine oviductal fluid bOF treatment for 30 min on in vitro matured bovine oocytes, was applied prior to IVF the bOF treatment had no effect either on fertilization parameters, cleavage, or blastocyst rates, nor on the morphological quality of resulting blastocysts With regard to the application of two different volumes of IVF medium in co-culture groups, no significant changes were observed in embryo developmental indices Table 2. Freeze-drying FD is a new and alternative method to preserve spermatozoa in refrigeration or at room temperature. The mammalian female reproductive tract provides the appropriate microenvironment for important reproductive processes such as gamete and embryo transport, capacitation, fertilization and early embryonic development 1 — 6. J Tiss Cult Meth. Considering the drastic effects of oviductal cells on numerous biological processes, such as sperm capacitation, fertilization and early embryonic development, and the importance of adequate storage and expression of oocyte-specific maternal effect genes, we designed the present study was to evaluate the effects of oviductal cell monolayer and its conditioned medium during IVF on subsequent embryonic development and the relative abundance of Zar1 transcript in ovine zygote.

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ovine oocytes to assess sperm functionality
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ovine oocytes to assess sperm functionality
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