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The clear fluid resembles pure water and does not have any of the characteristics of urine even when the bladder is full of urine and not emptied prior to sexual stimulation and if I empty my bladder after the fact, it is a typical urination with all the characteristicsleading me to believe that these are separate occurances, and could be originating from separate anatomical areas. An assertion searching for some evidence to back it up. It kindof surprised me and i started laughing. If they had done their research, women who squirt a lot yes, all women ejaculate different quantities will become dehydrated and a portion of this spongy flesh is all that separates the pee from the cavity, so the moisture will travel through the spongy pourous walls to the other side. Because I am a strange man, I have collected both these ejaculate samples AND separate urine samples from these three women and tasted them. Have you ever smelled stale urine in an enclosed space before?

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It is like water but slightly thicker with almost no taste.

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Seriously, Science?

Click here to have it e-mailed to you. Sex brings in viewers. So I see where your comming from. Most people who want to believe otherwise just want to live in denial. So reduce the mystery to urine since that seems to be the best these researchers can do. This is science, your opinions and internet forum wisdom do not check out.

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huge pee hole
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