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This is a tampon you can wear during sex. As such, they are often bulky, or do not provide adequate coverage and protection for the teeth. Yes, getting STIs through oral sex is a big risk. Accordingly, the inventor reserves the right to add additional claims after filing the application to pursue such additional claim forms for other aspects of the invention. See your doctor if you have any of these symptoms:. The guards 1214 further comprise a plurality of rigid, anti-flex members 20 positioned on the facial sides 22 between the coronal 26 and apical 28 sides.

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It sounds annoying and it puts people off.

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US9526669B1 - Sexual mouth guard - Google Patents

Composite mouthguard with palate arch with nonsoftening framework having at least one bridge. I know this is risky. In other instances, well-known structures and functions have not been shown or described in detail to avoid unnecessarily obscuring the description of the embodiments. Safer sex shops, Planned Parenthood centers, and online websites are the most typical dental dam providers. The sexual mouth guard of claim 11wherein said substrate is enclosed within said top and bottom, and wherein said pivotal attachment is exposed. By using different varieties and flavors of oral barriers, using protection during oral sex can become a fun and sexy part of your sexual routine. The film will be adapted to fit around the teeth of the giving party, with the outer surface 18 having a soft texture for additional comfort.

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oral sex mouth guard
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oral sex mouth guard
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