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Many of these women were topless. Self-defined public female nudity is a challenge to capitalism and its uses of women as products, props, assets and distributable resources. He's wearing a Spiderman costume and she is wearing the mask. Nipples, however, remain taboo with ass-backwards, sexist results like this: Portions of this article first appeared in Salon.

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Nipples, however, remain taboo with ass-backwards, sexist results like this:

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When newspapers, movie theaters, cable and TV news, online media and social media refuse to show female nudity as part of female-directed political protest or artistic statement they deny them equal freedom of expression. If you are thinking women make choices and are complicit, show contempt for other women because they are women -- well, of course some of them do. When they do this while proliferating grossly objectifying alternativesthey silence them doubly. Nude and Naked Desi Girlswhich has no breasts-not-in-the-service-of-the-male-gaze scary nipples, makes the obscenity cut. That's not Femen's fault. However, the company, a virtual country of 1 billion people, really just reflects mainstream US values the way that the Motion Picture Association of Americathe Parents Television Council and the Federal Communications Commission do.

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