California appellate court decisions 2003 sexual harassment spank

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The entitlement to protection is derived by virtue of our status as persons and the status of children as persons deserves equal recognition. It had not been shown that the force was unreasonable under the circumstances. Indeed the respondent and the Chief Justice raise at paras. To have allowed his wife to get out of the truck to walk on a dark road in an intoxicated condition would have shown wanton or reckless disregard for her life or safety and could have constituted criminal negligence on his part. While the record of expert testimony in this litigation is voluminous, the court process is necessarily adversarial and does not cover all of the interests that one would expect to be heard in a legislative debate, committee hearings or in the public at large.

Though the case law is somewhat unsatisfactory, the defence has succeeded on several occasions see Stuart, supraat pp.

LA Cnty. DCFS v. Jessica G.

However, it is not a principle of fundamental justice. People must know that if their conduct raises an apprehension of bodily harm they cannot rely on s. The question in this case is whether lack of correspondence, in this sense, exists. It does not function as a principle of fundamental justice setting out our minimum requirements for the dispensation of justice. These words, considered in conjunction with the cases, yield two limitations on the content of the protected sphere of conduct. By justifying what would otherwise amount to criminal assault, s. In Dupperonat p.

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