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He kissed her pink nipple and took one in her mouth. He wondered how exactly these two, well-mannered boy got along well with that pest of his life. If you want anything get stronger otherwise Naruto will even take your future wife and girlfriends too'' she said affectionately and walked out but stopped at the entrance and looked over at her shoulder, ''I am going to decorate a room for my son. The boy didn't want to accept the Anbu's help, but he was cold. Once his hand was nice and wet, Naruto ran it along his godmother's crotch before taking her erect clit in between two fingers. Dust covered each of them, and Naruto could smell the scent of decay in the wood that he stepped on. You are just too hot" he said looking to the side.

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Her husband was called the Yellow Flash and it was for good reason.

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Uchiha Mikoto

The immense warmth of her walls consumed his digit, the tightness collapsing around it. His small hands dug into the earth and he pushed himself up again. Mikoto smiled, relieved at how shaken Sasuke was. His sharingan was now active, his breathing was coming in short bursts. To her shock and amazement, her baby blond quickly grew into a man, a man who she found herself depending on. He held his breath hoping not to give away his location to this new person.

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naruto mom and sasuke mom naked
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