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More gays or lesbians, less brats and less towns being over populated. When did you decide to become bi? Does that make it okay? It is in fact the majority of people not a minority. The article suggests that the sole reason women might not be welcome in some venues is because of misogyny — excluding their behavior and hetero privilege from the problem. Well make a specific statement and they will know that you are not talking about them. I mean I am not on the higher levels of the class system but I am not the target of the main prejudices of society.

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Why is the cure not needed?

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Straight Folks, There Are Some Spaces You Don't Belong In

My view on it is this. I have a boyfriend. Because whether I am straight, bi, asexual; whether I am european or asian or african; whether I am rich or poor; male or female; or even if I am none of the above… you can always hurt me. So why do you feel the need to tell me to simmer down, to not be so angry, to remember that I need Allies? I really am sorry I annoyed you.

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straight people suck
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straight people suck
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