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Debbie hit the nail on the head pun somewhat intended when she said this ex-hooker is a narcissist who craves attention. No running, no childhood, just Vegas. Initially, when I was first contacted by the reporter who outed me, my plan was to keep escorting and simply raise my rate. Where I could have said: I saw a memoir as the most effective way of making that difference, being better understood, sharing what is admittedly a complicated story, and doing so on my terms.

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I believe my mania was a big reason I was a desired escort…My clients loved my mania.

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Do some people expect you to be able to return to who you were before the disorder worsened? I dislike being grounded in New England. Did you have down-periods between manias while you were escorting? Jami [had] to put out fires I [created], most notably when they involved my true identity. This was not some deep dark secret Dalton.

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