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As recently as the s, women in the Western world were taught that sex was their marital duty—and nothing more. Not only will your partner learn more about how to please you and vice versabut hearing how much you like something in the moment is always a turn-on for the person doing it. And in order to be your best self in your relationships—whether it's with a friend, family member, or partner—you need to FEEL your best, inside and out. They demonstrate that, far from being satisfied with just reaching climax, today's women want to know how to have bigger, better, more frequent, and a wider variety of orgasms. Want more insight into your sex life? Around the clit and hood — preferred by 1 in 2 women Brushing over the clit with no pressure — preferred by 1 in 4 women No touching of the clit at all — preferred by 1 in 20 women Pressure on the mons, above where pubic hair grows — preferred by 1 in 12 women.

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But this study goes a long way toward revealing what women actually enjoy and don't enjoy during sex.

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No, orgasms are not the sole purpose of sex and masturbation, and you can still have pleasure without having one. You are now subscribed Be on the lookout for a welcome email in your inbox! Another preferred teasing timed to a T. These women answered questions about their personal experiences with pleasure—the role of clitoral stimulation in orgasm, whether all orgasms are created equal, and how many women are actually reaching orgasm through intercourse. By dedicating some serious time to masturbation, trying things out, and following what feels good.

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girls have awesome orgasm
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girls have awesome orgasm
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