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Harry never went soft in fact he now wanted to fuck Hermione, However Hermione was already sucking on his ball sack struggling to get one in her mouth. But they'd be made public somehow. He made as if to tuck his cock back in, but Fleur slapped his hands out of the way and tugged at his cock. He was pleased to that he was just over four and a half inches, and his girth was similarly high. Something's got to happen. I had to go first.

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Catchpole "So… uh… Luna," Harry asked, "Why did you call me over to your place?

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Ron shuffled over the bed, still dripping in Seamus' cum and knelt over Harry's face, his soft dick and balls resting on his chin. Harry's wand was limp. Fleur promptly started teasing and nipping and licking at his balls, adding her own spit to the mix, even as Harry pulled Angelina down and forced her to take his cock. His cumfountain practically slammed into her, and her head was knocked back against the mattress by the force of it, her mouth and nose suddenly engulfedhis torrential outburst forcing its way down her throat and halfway up her sinuses. Audrey's sphincter relaxed and stretched as Harry's cock fucked its way inside, millimeter by millimeter.

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harry poter has a big dick
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harry poter has a big dick
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  1. Shes got the frame thats built for pounding. She prettier in the face when she was younger but that body is still ridiculous. I wouldnt even try to pullout.

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