Pantyhose first time story

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I was driving home from work, when this leggy blonde in a short black skirt crossed the street in front of me. Anyways, she had asked me to babysit her 2 boys on a friday night. We were 16 and she was an incredible blonde who dressed conservatively in long dresses. This is so terribly terribly wrong and no young girl should ever have to endure such treatment. The whole pantyhose or no pantyhose question has become political and cultural.

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I told her how I would look up her skirt in class.

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I want to hear your story about the first time you wore pantyhose...?

So basically my life is like Harry Potter. What do you do if your on the bottom of society? I learned at my first job that the smell of grease is nightmarish to get out of your hair… and no outfit is too small to wear to a rave I had a similar culture crossover at my first job as you did. Back in the days when I wrote fiction many many moons ago I wrote a similar sort of story… I was probably working through my retail aggression. Hell yes to mace and, on my end, a taser. I immediately reached for the hem of her dress and raised it to find that she wasn't just wearing pantyhose, but a garter belt with stockings, thong panties and some incredible 6 inch heels.

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pantyhose first time story
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pantyhose first time story
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